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Professor Simon Pemberton Inaugural Lecture




Migration, mobility and place: Living in different contexts of super-diversity?

Monday 6 November 2017, 6.15pm
Westminster Theatre, Chancellor's Building


Detailed Description

Over the last decade many cities across the world have become more diverse than ever before, and especially as a result of new patterns of immigration. Many new migrants are now residing in cities of ‘super-diversity’ and within ‘super-diverse neighbourhoods’. However, whilst researchers have long sought to understand residential mobility and the implications for the distribution of different groups of residents in the city, the significance of new immigration is posing particular challenges for our understanding of patterns of residential settlement and mobility in metropolitan areas.


In this lecture Professor Simon Pemberton highlights the ways in which residential settlement and mobility in the city has traditionally been understood and how this is now changing in an era of super-diversity. In so doing, Professor Pemberton subsequently argues for a re-consideration of the social phenomenon of ‘white flight’ and its expression in the 21st century city. Finally, Professor Pemberton advocates the need to work through the veneer of super-diversity in order to re-assert the importance of ethnicity and the implications arising for the integration of populations