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Professor Gillian Lancaster Inaugural Lecture




Taking the global initiative: measuring early child development in non-Western settings

Tuesday 6 March 2018, 6.15pm
Westminster Theatre, Chancellor's Building


Detailed Description

It is estimated that 219 million children (39% of the under 5 years population) living in low and middle income countries are failing to meet their developmental potential. The new United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 include access to quality early child development as essential for fairer, inclusive and less poverty stricken societies. Charting advancement towards this goal requires appropriate benchmarks to determine where children in a certain population are in comparison to children in other populations. The accurate measurement of early childhood development is therefore key, and also crucial for directly assessing the effectiveness of intervention programs. The urgent need for culturally appropriate measurement tools has been widely acknowledged and hampers current initiatives sponsored by UN organizations and international funding agencies. This lecture will highlight the work that has been done to create robust developmental assessment tools, the new techniques that have been developed to identify and select appropriate items and the ultimate construction of the World Health Organisation Key Indicators of Development Scale (WHO IYCD).