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Professor David Healey Inaugural Lecture




The Digital Energy Revolution. Can it save our Climate from the precipice?

Tuesday 6 February 2018, 6.15pm
Westminster Theatre, Chancellor's Building


Detailed Description

The 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21) delivered an historic climate agreement supported by 195 nations. The central aim is to hold the global average increase in temperature to “well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels”.

Whilst Energy is central to global social and economic well-being, it is also is also the dominant contributor to climate change. 

The worldwide response to this conundrum has been to initiate a revolution in how energy is sourced, delivered and consumed. With ever increasing speed the global economy has begun a transition to de carbonisation of the entire energy value chain. Not even President Trump is able to stand against the weigth of forces that have already been committed.

To maintain this critical momentum however, we now face the need for a fundamental restructuring of our entire energy delivery system, in order to embrace the full capabilities of renewable and sustainable energy. The essential electrification of energy, transport and industrial processes, requires the transformation of our core power delivery infrastructure from the original 19th century concepts of Edison that we still employ today, to a fully digitised and intelligent energy grid.

The scale and scope of this transformation represents a considerable socio economic global undertaking, the like of which has previously only been undertaken in response to global conflicts.   

The urgency of Climate Change however rightly compels such a coordinated international commitment. Is it possible however for institutions across Government, finance, technology, energy and society as a whole, to deliver and embrace this digital energy revolution? The clock is ticking!