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Professor Christopher Fogwill Inaugural Lecture




'Antarctica: A remote continent?'

Tuesday 21 November 2017, 6.15pm
Westminster Theatre, Chancellor's Building


Detailed Description

Antarctica holds around 90 percent of our planet’s ice and 70 percent of its freshwater. There’s so much water that if all the ice melted we would be left with global sea levels over 60 metres higher than present, flooding the likes of New York, Sydney, and London, and changing global atmospheric circulation. Where, when, and how much the Antarctic ice sheets will melt in a warmer world is a major focus of research. Offshore, the surrounding Southern Ocean supports hugely productive ecosystems, many of them economically important. These ecosystems also play a crucial role in soaking up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and regulating climate. Just how the ocean, atmosphere, and ice interact to influence the world’s climate is hugely uncertain. In this lecture Prof Chris Fogwill will highlight how and why the Antarctic continent is changing and how these changes may impact our everyday lives, despite its geographical remoteness.